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Documents necessary for goods of European Union origin

  • Invoice
  • CMR is an international transportation goods invoice.
  • EX-1 is an export declaration from which suppliers return VAT. Goods should leave EU.
  • TIR Carnet is a universal document that allows for freight with no restrictions to transit countries, which are members of International Association of Road Transportation. The transporter guarantees arrival of customerís goods in good condition to the customs terminal. And in the cases of lose, it guarantees to pay customs taxes.
  • Packing List is a document in which there are freight name, volume and package characteristics, apart from senderís and receiverís information. This document is convenient to control condition and wholeness of goods upon arrival.

Documents necessary for goods of non-European Union origin

  • Invoice
  • CMR is an international transportation goods invoice.
  • Northern Passport - T1 or TIR Carnet
  • These documents confirm that goods require customs control in the EU and are only allowed to travel through the EU between customs warehouses. In other case, the goods has go through customs clearance. The Nornern passport Ė T1 or TIR Carnet has be opened by EU customs to transport such a freight from one customs warehouse to another or to EU border. The difference between T1 and TIR Carnet is that T1 is available only on the EU territory. For transits of freight through Russia, another Russian documents are required. But freight on TIR Carnet travels straight to the Russian customs warehouse.

    There is an opinion that TIR Carnet is the simplest transportation document and all others are not. But that is not the case.

    There are 3 ways of international transportation procedures on the EU territory:
  • With the usage of TIR Carnet. The freight travels to a customs warehouse without any other documents apart from Invoice, CMR, TIR Carnet.
  • Freight has the Northern passport. After crossing the EU border, goods have to have a document for transit through to a destination country. Invoice, CMR, T1 have to be attached.
  • Freight has CMR. After crossing the EU border, the documents for transit to a destination country has to be processed. Invoice, EX-1 and CMR are attached.
  • The latter two ways are convenient when freight crosses only one border, for example Russian-Finish. The convenience of TIR Carnet in that the freight can cross more than one border without renewal of transit documents.

    Documents necessary for freight transit through the Russian Federation

    • Invoice
    • CMR is an international transportation goods invoice.
    • TIR Carnet
    • Guarantee contract in which a customs destination terminal guarantees compensation of customs expenditures to the state.
    • Temporary declaration is used to provide payments of customs expenditures deposited to the customs office account when freight is delivered from departure customs to arrival customs. The document is formed before the freight crosses the border. DKD document is drawn up on the base of Temporary Declaration at the border.
    • Preliminary GTD/PTD. It is done prior to showing goods to the customs office but before goods loading to a transport unit. Along with PTD, other documents are submitted for customs procedures including payment documents confirming customs payment for goods. Usually PTD is drawn up when electronics goods are imported in order to simplify the process of going through customs formalities.
    • Guarantee contract. Sometimes high value goods has to be conveyed from border to the destination terminal. Guarantee contract frees the freight from customs convoy. Usually the Russian customs broker GUP ROST EK provides such guarantees.
    • Customs accompanying document
    • Control Delivery Document is filled in on a special form by a declaring party which is either a transporter or an official at a customs office at departure destination. It has to be submitted to the customs office for procedure (mostly for importing goods). It controls delivery of goods transportation between the Russian customs. For example, it can be be between Viborgsky customs office and St Petersburg office or Viborgsky and Moscow offices.

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